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Operations Manual Creation

Mexican Goverment Agency

Often our clients have everything they need to succeed in their core business, however, they lack the resources or the time to properly document they daily activities, which pose a challenge when they need to incorporate a new resource into the team, or when, as in this case, they need to comply with Procedural Government Guidelines.

A small Mexican Agency, needed to comply with new procedural guidelines with a three-month timeframe, as their initial audit was already scheduled.

Given the urgency, PRAXMA was commissioned to create the procedures manual from scratch, meaning, interviewing all departments to properly map the process and it´s exceptions to develop the Process Maps, the Standard Operational Procedures including all formats and forms within these 90 days period.

 Though the use of seasoned process documentation consultants, PRAXMA delivered the Operations Manual ahead of time, so that our customer had a smooth audit, with positive results.

Operations Manual: Project
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